TMS for Carriers and Freight Forwarders

[BIG UPDATE]  CargoApps is now upgraded to version 2.0!

Our system now has more functionalities than ever, which will further simplify your daily tasks:

  • More precise route planning
  • More detailed order & fleet management
  • Reduce communication with your drivers and customers

The TMS Your Whole Team Will Love

CargoApps 2.0 provides new features for all modules, covering all activities of a dispatcher: Route Planning, Driver Tracking & Communication at every stop, and Order Management.

Route Planner 2.0

Increase efficiency in driver communication and order management:

  • Make the planning more accurate and cost effective 
  • Improve communication with drivers
  • Have more control towards your cost

Optimize route planning:

  • More realistic driving times
  • Better optimized routing modes (cost-optimized & avoid toll)

DriverApp 2.0

Reduce communication with driver in many aspects:

  • Easy-to-use navigation functionality for drivers
  • Know what the driver is doing and where he is (GPS and status tracking)
  • Give all relevant information about the order to the driver in one click

Ensure profitability of your company:

  • Make sure your cost-optimized route is followed by the drivers 
  • Make sure the planned transportation cost is equivalent to the actual cost

Order & Fleet Management 2.0

Increase your service level:

  • Document waiting times with GPS location as evidence
  • Inform your customers with one click about the current order status (e.g. ETA, loading status, unloading status, etc.)

Be more efficient in order management:

  • Clear overview with useful information about your transport order
  • Enable drivers to communicate and update order status 

Be more proactive and reduce follow-ups with drivers

  • Real-time data without manual communication
  • React on incidents faster with meaningful and sufficient information

Meet The Experts

With tools to make every part of your process simple and a support team excited to help you, getting started with CargoApp 2.0 -  The TMS for Carriers and Freight Forwarders has never been easier.


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